Pretio’s Fish Protein Hydrolysates are a premium natural protein derived from Norwegian Atlantic Cod. Featuring a protein content of at least 90% (Protein Isolates), our fish protein provides a pure and high-quality source of protein that is easily digested and absorbed by the body.

Pretio’s Fish Protein are highly bioavailable, making them an ideal source of complete protein for both humans and high-quality pet food. This complete protein source contains all the essential amino acids necessary for optimal health.

At Pretio, we take great care in selecting and processing only the freshest raw materials to ensure the highest quality of our protein isolates. This guarantees unique sensory qualities and exceptional flavour in every product.

Our protein isolates have perfect solubility, making them easy to incorporate into a wide variety of food and beverage products. Additionally, our protein is hypoallergenic due to its very low molecular weight.

Pretio’s Fish Protein Isolates offer a unique combination of high-quality protein, sustainable fishing practices, and exceptional sensory qualities.

Pretio AS is is a rapidly growing provider of sustainable marine ingredients, committed to using underutilized marine resources to create valuable products through sustainable sourcing and innovative processing methods.

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